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1/11/17 - Classes have returned to normal.

1/8/17 - At 4:15 PM, NNS announced liberal leave for Monday (1/9) and Tuesday (1/10).  Therefore all Apprentice School classes have been cancelled.  The shipyard is open and you can report to work if safe to do so or use liberal leave.  Please be careful!  For more information - please call the Employee Information Line at 1-877-871-2058.

Stack of Books

*WCSC Book RETURN Fall  and PICK UP Winter 2017 - Wednesday 12/07 and Thursday 12/08 after your last class-  3:30pm-4:30pm Room 342 (Large Storage Room).  Apprentices starting 1st Term, English Review, or Math Review- books will be in your classroom first day of class.

**All Advance Optional Classes Book RETURN Fall 2016 and PICK UP Spring 2017  - Tuesday 12/13 through Thursday 12/15 3:30pm-5:00pm Room 342 (Large Storage Room). 

For questions regarding books call Liz Moriarty (757) 688-2513.